Thanks for signing up on, let me quickly walk you through what each button means and their functions

Here is the graphical view of your dashboard


Here are the buttons in your dashboard

1. Business: Here you can set up your virtual cards; click on this button to see Create Business and Business

2. Staff: Here you can add more employees (Users) and Roles (Responsibilities). To add New User, you need to add their email and password so such user can be able to access his or her dashboard, same with Roles; this simply means what such user can do or cannot do.

3. Appointments. This is where you receive all appointments from your customers or visitors. You can easily manage your appointments here

4. Contacts: Your contacts are stored here with the following details Name, Email, Phone etc

5. Plans: Here you can upgrade your existing plan to another plan

6. Settings: Here you can set up your account, like uploading your business logo, favicon, update your business name, email set up, etc


Want to know more about is a digital business card platform where you can easily create unlimited virtual cards for yourself and employees. Digital business cards offer numerous benefits that put you in a better position to win more clients and expand your professional network. It is just like your physical business cards you offer to your customers to patronise you, however, virtual cards offer much more benefits and advantages over physical cards. For example, you can upload your product's videos, prices of item, products and services, gallery etc

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